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绠浠锛璁茶堪濞杩绁浜虹被辨浜锛 Manee, a beautiful look of Nakee Opapat, escaped to the human world while Ong Mujalin Nakkarad. The fiancé is lent during the Buddhist Lent. She saved the life of Chonlatit, the wealthy heir who was ordered to kill water by Tatchai. Manee Naka, one to help revive life, for this reason, therefore Manee and Chonlatit can be able to communicate with each other as if there was a CCTV camera that saw the event of another person even though they were in different places. Together, Pakee, a close friend of Chonlatit, tried to investigate the murder of this time and focus on Tatchai. Manee came to live at the house of Chathiseth. She learned and enjoyed many new things on the human world, but was not liable to be Dutjan. The nobility girl at Pongchonlithon was bullying until she was angry and accidentally became a serpent. See But Manee was able to erase the memories of anyone who knew this truth, making it still unknown who she was. But then one day, Chonlatit saw Manee in the body of the Naka with his own eyes. But with the power of love, it makes him accept what she is. The longer Manee"s day, the more he made the love and cherish her unconsciously. But the love of the couple had to face many obstacles, both from Mujalin Nakkarad who followed up to bring Manee back to the underground city and she was still Ninrat, Mrs. Nakee In love with the body, Mujalin waited for a slander of the wrong label to fight for the position of Chaya. Chonlatit had to wait for Sadayu, an important enemy of the heart. He was also reassured by the plan to kill him until Manee Nate was unable to stand up to his death. How will the love of a man and a beautiful young serpent continue?